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Horoscope October 2020


Horoscope October 2020

What are the stars foreseeing? 

What are the New Predictions and how they will affect your life?

Your monthly Horoscope has always something new to reveal!


The full moon in your fiery sign on October 1 puts you into full-on beast mode. You conquer the competition, and anyone who gets in your way will be sorry. If you’re blocked by an obstacle, you will find a way around it.

Loving Venus meets up with earthy Virgo on the second, so you take a little more cautious approach to love and money for the next couple weeks. You have better attention to detail now, so you pick up on the little things more than you usually do. If you sense something is off, don’t hesitate to dig a little deeper. Keeping a logical perspective helps.

Your home planet Mars is in your sign as it squares Pluto in steady earth sign Capricorn on October 9, so you’re a little more even tempered when clashes arise. Your first instinct is to go after someone who challenges you in any way, but a more rational voice takes over before you have time to act. Getting into a power struggle for no reason is a losing move.

The sun enters powerful Scorpio on the twenty-second, welcoming in a month of inner exploration. If you’ve been busy and haven’t spent a lot of time by yourself lately, the next month can be a productive and beneficially reflective time.


Your home planet Venus rules over love and money, and when she moves into fellow earth sign Virgo on October 2, these areas of your life take on a logical vibe that makes sense to you. If you’ve been impatiently waiting for a financial or romantic situation to resolve, you can rest a little easier now. You’re in no hurry.

The tenth brings the unsure energy of a Venus-Uranus trine, bringing news that throws you for a loop. You aren’t the best at rolling with the waves, so when you’re hit with this tsunami, your first instinct is to panic. After you calm down, get up and slowly take a look around. Chances are good the damage won’t be as bad as you had imagined.

Mercury goes retrograde in emotionally intense Scorpio on October 13, so the mix-ups and misunderstandings you cause now can have long-lasting repercussions. Even if you “didn’t mean to” hurt someone else’s feelings, they might not forgive you for a long time. And that’s on you.

There’s a second full moon of the month on the thirty-first, also known as a blue moon. When you have the chance to get closure (especially in areas of love or finances), take it. You might not get the opportunity again for a long, long time.


October 7 finds your home planet Mercury in determined Scorpio and opposing quirky Uranus in earthy Taurus. If you feel an uneasy tension in the air after you announce something off-the-wall, there might not be a lot you can do about it. This is just a time of weird vibes, and although they will most likely pass soon, the odd energy could linger for a while.

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on the thirteenth, and you know the deal. For the next couple weeks, things will go missing, you’ll put your foot in your mouth, and so on. However, because Scorpio is an intuitive water sign, you can feel your way out of a lot of difficult situations now. Listen to your gut instincts.

The sun moves into mysterious Scorpio on October 22, causing an increase in your desire to delve into the unknown. You already have a natural curiosity about the universe and the people in it, and this penetrating energy urges you to do further research into a ton of interesting topics. To say you’re well-read in the coming month would be an understatement!

The second full moon of the month occurs on the thirty-first, just in time for Halloween. If you like the creepy and macabre, this day will be extraordinarily delightful.


The full moon in fiery Aries on October 1 makes you a little more selfish than usual. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries energy is often out for itself, giving you little patience for people with a “poor me” attitude. Your compassion is replaced by pure and unrelenting drive, which can be both good and bad.

A Libra new moon on the sixteenth highlights your ability to get along with others. This is an excellent time to work on focusing on the close relationships in your life that need a little extra attention. Did you block a lover on social media? Have you been ignoring your best friend? Have you declined your mom’s last few calls? Get in touch now and make amends.

Loving Venus also pairs up with graceful Libra on October 27, giving you another couple weeks to patch things up. It’s hard to be angry with people when this amiable energy surrounds you, so why not be the first one to suggest making up? Putting your pride aside and admitting you were wrong (or that you miss someone) isn’t as hard as you think.

The second full moon of the month, this time in steady Taurus, appears on the thirty-first, putting things eerily into perspective. Ironically, you can finally quiet some of those inner demons this Halloween.


When romantic Venus meets up with strict Virgo on October 2, it isn’t the most comfortable or dramatic pairing. Your love life and money matters now take a rather boring turn, but that’s okay. Take this time to focus on details like following up on texts and paying bills. Your organizational skills are topnotch now, too, so putting everything in order doesn’t seem like such a chore.

Pluto goes direct while in earth sign Capricorn on the fourth, putting you in a good position to apply what you’ve learned over the last few months. Now that you can see the future more clearly, it looks bright, doesn’t it? Let the lessons from the recent past help increase your productivity in the coming few months.

Mercury goes retrograde while in deeply emotional Scorpio starting on October 13, so when things go wrong there’s no way they aren’t going to affect you. Feelings like paranoia and jealousy might be unavoidable now, especially because when things start to crumble, you feel like everyone is blaming you. Take a deep breath and calm down, Leo. There’s a solution for every problem.

The sun enters emotional Scorpio on the twenty-second, this time strengthening your inner resolve. If you have to stand on your own, so be it. This independent, determined energy propels you to go out and accomplish your goals, even if it means facing your fears and taking risks all alone.


Venus starts traveling in your practical sign on October 2, so for most of the month you’ll have a very reasonable outlook regarding love and money. Approaching problems in these areas at a basic level works most of the time, but if you have to bump up your knowledge about certain things, you’re capable of that, too. As a mutable sign, you’re able to go with the flow more than most.

Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde while in intense Scorpio on the thirteenth, throwing you off your focused and logical game. This three-week period asks you to follow your intuition to get out of misunderstandings and other communication-related snafus, but that doesn’t come easily to you. By the time this is over, Virgo, you’ll have learned to trust your instincts.

The sun moves into powerful Scorpio on October 22, giving off a mysterious energy. The less you say, the more appealing you are to certain people—and you know exactly who they are. You might enjoy having this invisible and alluring power now, especially because you’re usually “what you see is what you get.”

The second full moon of the month appears on the thirty-first, giving you major FOMO. Is that the only thing to be afraid of this Halloween? If it is, you’re lucky!


You start to have some very high expectations when your ruler Venus starts spending time in earth sign Virgo on October 2. When you start looking at things (and people) with a critical eye, you’re bound to see some details you don’t like. Do your best to offer up constructive criticism instead of straight-up disapproval.

We enter another dreaded Mercury retrograde period on the thirteenth, but this time you’re dealing with the emotional energy of Scorpio. There will be a lot of conversations about who did what to whom, and perhaps a lot of misplaced blame. Be sure to defend yourself when necessary, but own up to your mistakes as well.

The new moon on October 16 is in your peacekeeping sign, so you might be asked to act as referee when two friends are fighting, or be called on to be the go-between for a divorcing couple you know. Being in the middle can be an uncomfortable vantage point, but seeing things from both sides makes you a very qualified judge.

Venus enters your graceful sign on the twenty-seventh, and for the next three weeks you’ll be seeking quiet, tranquil romantic situations. You aren’t into any drama now, and you’ll happily give up something you want to make someone else happy. You’re automatically attracted to beauty, but you know better than to try to possess something that belongs to the world.


Your co-ruler Pluto goes direct in earth sign Capricorn on October 4, setting the tone for a serious month ahead. Past lessons are obvious now, and you might wonder why you didn’t see things this clearly a couple months ago. It’s best to move forward now, Scorpio, instead of dwelling on the past.

Mercury goes retrograde while in your strong, silent sign on the thirteenth, at which point you’ll be able to rely on your intuition to get you out of embarrassing communication mishaps. You don’t like admitting when you’re wrong (because, let’s face it, you rarely are!), but if you screwed up, just say so. It will save everyone a lot of time.

The sun enters your determined sign on October 22, so you should be able to reach some of the goals and accomplish some of the tasks you’ve had on your mind. It isn’t like you to procrastinate, so if there are outstanding projects, there must have been something big preventing you from finishing them.

The second full moon of the month pops up in patient Taurus on the thirty-first, just in time to get closure on something important. Putting the past to bed once and for all is freeing.


Pluto goes direct in responsible Capricorn on October 4, showing you that something you went through in the past wasn’t for nothing. Even though you might still have battle wounds, it’s nice to know all the fighting was for a good cause. Show off those scars proudly!

Mercury goes retrograde in jealous Scorpio on the thirteenth, leading you to jump to some pretty out-there conclusions. Do you think your partner might be cheating? Do you think your best friend is spreading gossip about you? Do you suspect a sibling of stealing something from you? These are all pretty hefty accusations. Make sure you have solid proof before you speak up.

The sun follows Mercury into Scorpio on October 22, but this time you can benefit from the Scorpion’s positive inner strength. If you were about to give up on something (perhaps a diet or pursuing a job you really want), you get a renewed feeling of willpower and determination. Why were you about to quit again? You suddenly can’t remember!

When loving Venus enters balanced Libra on the twenty-seventh, you want equality for all. Social justice is on your mind, and you might just have a solution that will work for everyone. This is too important not to share with the world, Sag.


The pairing of Venus and Virgo starting on October 2 isn’t the most comfortable one. You might struggle to make connections with loved ones (lovers in particular), and financial ventures could stall. Pay attention to details now. They’re much more important than the big picture.

Contemplative Pluto goes direct in your sign on the fourth, giving you the go-ahead for future activities that include making up for lost time and applying realizations you’ve made in the last few months. You’re a forward-thinking sign, and Pluto’s direct motion reminds you that good things are ahead when you put forth your maximum effort.

As the sun moves into powerfully intense Scorpio on October 22, you can use your intuition and psychic abilities to make important decisions. Your first hunches are seldom wrong in the coming month, especially when it comes to the people closest to you. A strong emotional connection binds you to someone now, and it borders on obsession.

A full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on the thirty-first is special because it’s the second one of the month. Use this powerful lunation’s energy to infuse patience into an anxious situation. If others insist on playing a waiting game, you’ll win.


Mercury is in powerful Scorpio when it opposes your home planet Uranus in stubborn Taurus on October 7. When someone drops a bombshell on you, they definitely get your attention. News you read on social media might not be true, but you won’t be able to resist checking it out. People are waiting for you to react, so don’t let them see you panic.

Mercury goes retrograde while still in Scorpio on the thirteenth, causing its usual dose of confusion and frustration. The difference this time, however, is that you can use this water sign’s intuitive vibe to get yourself out of some of retrograde Mercury’s jams.

The sun enters shadowy Scorpio on October 22, so you have a month of delving into the unknown to look forward to. If you have an unsolved mystery in your life, this is the time to do some serious investigation. The facts you uncover might be even more mind-blowing than you thought they’d be!

The second full moon of the month—a blue moon—arrives in logical Taurus on the thirty-first, just in time for you to tie up some very loose ends. Closure is a big part of this lunation, so don’t miss out on the chance to end something once and for all—the right way.


A full moon in powerful, fiery Aries on October 1 gets your month off to an incredibly determined start. Your competitive drive is strong, but even when you’re determined to win, your compassionate nature still won’t let you leave a fellow human behind. If the runner behind you falls, you’ll stop your own race to help carry them over the finish line.

Mercury goes retrograde in fellow water sign Scorpio on the thirteenth, at which point you should start using your psychic abilities and advanced sense of intuition to guide you. When you get the feeling that you have no idea what you’re doing—or why things are going wrong—your subconscious can help you find the way out of the darkened tunnel.

Loving Venus enters poised Libra on October 27, which is a very comfortable placement. You feel at ease now around grace and beauty, and you yearn for a peaceful existence. If drama comes your way, you do whatever you can to avoid it—and ditto for confrontations.

The full moon in Taurus on the thirty-first is the second one of the month, also referred to as a blue moon. Don’t pass up the chance to make something right on this day, Pisces. You might not get another opportunity like this in a long while.