Ayia Napa’s First Underwater Museum will be ready to welcome visitors on July 31


Ayia Napa’s first “Underwater Museum”, in the Mediterranean will be ready to welcome visitors on July 31

The museum, off Pernera beach, is the creation by world-renowned artist “Jason deCaires Taylor”. The idea was first mooted in 2014.

The museum is 10 metres underwater around 70 sculptures.

The British artist will create over 70 underwater statues and will prepare dozens of organic trees and underwater plants, in order to create the first underwater forest in the world!

All Visitors, both divers and swimmers with mask and flippers,  will be able to wander around an underwater forest, the first of its kind in the world.

Musan has attracted a lot of interest by organised groups that want to travel to Ayia Napa to explore the museum.

For more experienced divers, there’s a treasure trove of amazing underwater wonders to explore.

It’s the first underwater museum in the Mediterranean, They hope  that the Museum will attract more than 50,000 visitors annually for the whole year.