Cyprus Traditional Breakfast


Like Adelle Davis’s (an American author and nutritionist that is considered to be one of the most famous nutritionist in the early 20th century ) old saying says,

“Eat Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince

and dinner like a pauper”,

Cyprus has a very special and traditional breakfast proposal that you will just love.  

Nowadays, locals and visitors may enjoy the traditional Cypriot breakfast in many places in Cyprus i.e. hotels, restaurants, traditional cafe etc.

The Cyprus breakfast is renowned for its authentic tastes that are derived directly from local producers.    

The reasonable question arising though is

“What is included in the Cyprus Traditional Breakfast?”

Cypriot Traditional Breakfast comes in many variations, depending on chefs’ imagination, knowledge of the tradition and inspiration.

All variations thought mainly include local products that can be found easily, across Cyprus supermarkets and fruit / vegetable markets. 

Traditional Freshy Baked Bread with Prozymi

The Cyprus Traditional Breakfast includes:

  • Freshly baked bread with prozymi (pro-dough). For a more traditional taste preferably look for baked bread in a wood fired oven.
  • Hard boiled eggs or Fried eggs, depending on your taste.
  • Halloumi cheese, either grilled or directly from the brine.
  • Elies Tsakistes (crushed green olives with coriander)
  • Lountza (cured pork loin) that can be served grilled as well.
  • Butter
  • Natural Cypriot Honey
  • Homemade Marmalade (strawberry, orange, apricot and many other flavors)
  • Tomato and Cucumber
  • Anari (traditional Cypriot white cheese)

The “secret” ingredient for a delicious Cypriot Breakfast is the ember roasted Cyprus coffee or freshly made orange juice. 

Traditional Cyprus_coffee
Traditional Cyprus Coffee

When you try it, we guarantee that you will not only know Cyprus for its sieftalia, halloumi, Cypriot soulva, Cypriot meze and kleftiko, but for the Cypriot Breakfast as well. 

Suggested Places for Cyprus Traditional Breakfast

Paphos: Louis Paphos Breeze Hotel

Limassol: Veranda Cafe Bistro 

Larnaca: Lazaris Bakery Bar

Nicosia: Ean Ke Efoson