Built amphitheatrically on the Akrotiri Bay, Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus and combines its rich culture with its sunny golden shores.

Limassol is located between two ancient cities, Amathus on the east side and Kourion in the west side, offering a wonderfully vibrant nightlife perfectly aligned with its cultural tradition.

The sandy beaches, the historic center of Limassol that starts from the old port and reaches to the east along the beach, the archaeological sites and the remarkable festivals, impress every visitor and makes Limassol one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a top destination for every taste.

Take a dive in Governor’s Beach, just 5 minutes out of Limassol, with dark sand and white rocks, or in the 7 km long Olympia Beach and of course in Lady’s Mile, a few miles southwest of the city.

Alternatively, walk in the picturesque streets of the old town, with its traditional old houses and small souvenir shops and visit the Limassol Castle that today houses the Medieval Museum, which dates back in 1228.

At the old town area around the Limassol Castle, you can visit the old port and Limassol Marina. Just in a walking distance from the old port and Limassol Marina, you will be welcomed to excellent restaurants, bars and coffee shops. The area is bursting with life and offers a great experience for its visitors, tourists or locals.

Do not miss the chance to visit the ancient city of Kourion and the Greco-Roman city that hosts the Sanctuary of Apollo Ylates, a temple dedicated to the ancient Olympian god.  A little further, stands the Castle of Kolossi, a medieval castle built by the Franks in the 12th century.

In the northeast part of Limassol, you will find the Amathus Baths where cycling routes for nature lovers are also available.

One of the most important wetlands of the eastern Mediterranean is located in Limassol, and hosts thousands of birds, especially impressive flamingos and cranes that find shelter there.

In the traditional villages of Omodos and Lefkara you can walk the old, narrow streets and “travel back in time” while having a taste of wine at the local taverns.

Limassol is a magical destination and has been recently added to the top 10 travelers’ choice destinations, according to the ratings and feedback received from the well – known directory TripAdvisor.