Protaras Beaches


Protaras is defined by its beautiful beaches which are considered to be the most appealing, clean and refreshing beaches of Cyprus.

Konnos Beach


Konnos Beach is the last beach separating Ayia Napa from Protaras and is considered to be one of the most idyllic beaches of the island. Awarded with Blue Flag, Konnos Beach is a fully organized, multicultural beach.

Surrounded by steep slopes and located in the east side of Cape Greco, Konno’s rocky bay is an ideal destination for yachts.

Water sports fans consider Konnos as their most loved beach, so if you are adventurous, you should definitely check out this beach.The perfect spot of the area is the cafe-restaurant above the beach offering great, panoramic beach view.

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Fig Tree Beach

fig_tree _protarasInternational magazines have rated Fig Tree Beach as one of the best in the world and among the 25 best beaches in Europe. Locals as well as foreigners are truly in love with Fig Tree Beach and its crystal clear blue-green waters.

A scenic oasis with turquoise waters and an extremely alive atmosphere, Fig Tree Beach is located at south of the coastline of Vrisi area. The beach is named after from the fig trees found on the east side which were planted for shading purposes many decades before.

Awarded with the Blue Flag for all its clear waters, the beach also holds the title of Green Beach because of the provided facilities for people with disabilities.
The white sand and the shallow waters makes Fig Tree the favorite beach for families with young children.

In about 100 meters from the coast, there is a small sandy rocky island which is also surrounded by crystalline turquoise waters and combined with the Fig Tree Beach they create an exotic scenery. If you like dives, then grab a diving mask and admire many Mediterranean fish swimming next to you.

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Nissia or Green Bay Beach

nisia_beachThe beach of Nissia or Green Bay (2km away from Fig Tree Beach) is not a fully organized beach but has the elements to make the scenery breathtaking.

In addition to the Neolithic settlement that has been excavated in the area, there is a cannon from an ancient shipwreck which dates back to the years of Ottoman domination and was discovered few years ago in the Nissia Beach.

This beach is heaven on earth for all the lovers of archeology and shipwreck stories.

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Vizakia Beach

Vizakia beach is a well hidden gem, away from the noise of organized beaches, offering the right atmosphere for an unconventional escape.

The beach of Vizakia, which is very close to the beach of Nissia, remains unknown to many visitors to the area.

Hidden from the many acacias, it gives a sense of privacy to each visitor, and although it is semi-organized, it is another natural paradise for water sports lovers.

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Agia Triada Beach

Agia_TriadaAgia Triada Beach is amongst the most spectacular beaches in the area. Agia Triada is named after and located next to a small and picturesque fishing shelter in the homonymous chapel.

It is a place where you can relax, calm and swim without the fear of not finding a sunbed.
It is awarded with the blue flag for its clear waters and has a pink sandy beach with many small rocky coves.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself swimming with sea turtles in the clear waters of Agia Triada beach.
Lastly, closer the beach, there is a big stadium and the sailing club of the area.

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Cavo Maris Beach

cavo_maris_beachCavo Maris beach connects the main coastal area of Protaras with Cavo Greco Capes.

On the background of the palm trees, this particular beach is located just below the Cavo Maris Beach Resort.

Cavo Maris has been awarded with the Blue Flag, and has rocks which can be suitable for fishing or underwater exploration.

In about 200 meters from the shore, statues 10 meters high have been placed for the professional divers and fearless swimmers!
Being fully organized, Cavo Maris Beach is a great destination for families and nature lovers, as it is also connected to a coastal path of nature about 2 km long.

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