Beaches for Dogs in Cyprus


There are quite a few designated beaches for dogs in Cyprus, where you can safely enjoy swimming with your dogs and do not have to worry for any legal issues.

Dog owners will be able to visit the below dog-friendly beaches as long as they take into consideration the safety of their fellow humans and dogs and to ensure hygiene, cleanliness and respect for the environment.

Find below the dog-friendly beaches in Cyprus:

  1. The beach at Sterangia, located within the boundaries of the Kato Pyrgos Community Council, in Tylliria area. This beach is not so famous so we suggest asking the locals for additional information.
    Find Sterangia Beach 
  2. The Kasianes beach (Spyros Beach), located at south of Larnaca Airport, within the municipal border of the Larnaca province. This sandy beach will be loved by your loyal friend.
    Find Kasianes Beach 
  3. The beach at Karavopetra, southeast of SALA wastewater treatment plant, is within the boundaries of the Monagroulli community council, at Limassol province. The beach is great for dogs and their owners and is also easily accessible by car.
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  4. The beach of Prolimnos is found at the west side of Pissouri, within the limits of the Pissouri Community Council, at Limassol District. This one has fantastic view but deep dangerous waters and a lot of rocks that make swimming hard. The beach is not recommended if you don’t have an SUV car as it very hard to be accessed.
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