Limassol Beaches


Limassol is an energetic, modern city with very beautiful beaches. From the glamorous beach resorts, you can find yourself in more isolated beaches in just a few minutes and enjoy a more private sunbath. Beaches, most of which have been awarded the Blue Flag, for every taste: endless beaches with pebbles, organized cosmopolitan beaches, quiet virgin beaches, beaches ideal for water sports etc.

From the one end of the city to the other, Limassol is an “exotic” destination for your summer holidays.

Governors Beach


Governor’s Beach, is located in Pentakomo area, 20 km east of Limassol. Its sandy coves, known by the names of the local restaurants, attract thousands of visitors each year.

The Blue Flag awarded waters are ideal for families with children, while its imposing white rocks are great for fishing as well as diving.

For the hopeless romantics who seek the scenic beauty, the west side of Governor’s Beach is ideal, just try and find the “hidden” caves.  The area is perfect for the water sports lovers who can enjoy their hobby while being surrounded by large nature trails. Do not miss the change to try fresh fish in the taverns of Governor’s Beach.

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Agia Varvara Beach


Agia Varvara beach is in the tourist area of ​​Agios Tychonas, within walking distance of the archaeological site of Amathus. The Atlantica Bay Hotel is the starting point of the beach and it goes up until Blueberry Café.

On its long, sandy beach, where the sand is mixed up with pebbles, you can always find yourself in a beach party or other organized event day or night.

The beach is awarded the Blue Flag for its clear waters, fully organized, with easy access for disable people.

Enjoy the panoramic view while eating, doing various water sports or underwater explorations and other activities.

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Plus Sea Beach


Plus Sea beach is found on the beachfront of Uptown Square and is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in the area.

Although it is about half kilometer long, the sandy beach of Plus Sea is considered one of the most popular beaches among the locals’ preference.

At this beach all kinds of comforts are provided, while there are many visitors, returning to the area at sundown, to enjoy their evening and have fun till late.

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Kourion Beach

Kourion Beach or Agios Ermogenis (as is widely known), is situated at the bay of Episkopi. The blue-flagged waters in combination with the white hills around create a beautiful contrast and offer plenty of peacefulness to the visitors.

Kourion beach is an extremely wide and long beach, giving a sense of absolute freedom to the bathers. Due to the area’s strong winds, windsurfers absolutely love this particular beach.

Keep in mind that the coast is also accessible from people with disabilities.

The ancient area of Kourion with its famous Greek-Roman amphitheater and the mosaics, is very close to the beach and represents all the royal and ancient history of the island.

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Aphrodite Beach


The Aphrodite Beach with its gray sand is located in the area of ​​Agios Tychonas and starts from the Four Seasons hotel and reaches up to the Puesta Oyster Bar & Dream cafe.

Almost hidden from the eucalyptus and acacia surrounding the area, the beach is quiet and clean, is also awarded with a Blue Flag and watched over by a lifeguard, providing sun loungers in three different locations.

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Castella Beach

Fun, music, and summer vibes are the characteristics of the Castella Beach, which is located next to the well-known, world-famous Guaba (voted 3rd best beach bar in the world in 2017) and within easy reach of the Kyrenia nautical club.

Kastella beach, with the narrow strip of white sand and pebbles and the Blue Flag award in hand, offers every kind of comfort to the bathers.

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Lighthouse Beach


It is located in the wider area of ​​Germasogeia, and is one of the most luxurious beaches in Limassol.

This particular beach is the perfect choice for someone who enjoys dives, sunbathing on comfortable chaise longues, and loves great food while overlooking the endless blue.

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