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It is the owner’s, Menelaos Menelaou known to all as “Melios”, strong passion and love for birds & animals that has allowed him over the last 30 years to create a beautiful place with birds & animals from around the world, from rare & exotic to cute & unusual, and of course, birds & animals that are unique in Cyprus.

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Paphos Zoo

The Paphos Zoo is the first and largest zoo with a license in Cyprus. It is located in a green and unspoiled natural environment that exceeds 100,000 sq.m. It is the top tourist attraction of the island and hosts a wide variety of birds and animals from every part of the world.

The collection of parrots and poisonous snakes is one of the largest in Europe with over 30 different kinds of snakes, more than 17 different types of Cockatoo and 10 Macaw species.

The Zoo needed 3 years to be completed and was finally open to the public in September 2003.

It was later named Paphos Birds Park, later changing its name to “Birds and Pet Ponds”.

Today it was renamed “Paphos Zoo”, having brought many new large mammals.

The zoo today houses 300 different species and a total of 1060 individual animals. 

The garden is always working in educational and conversational programs, with recent success in the Siberian tiger breeding program.

Along with school visits, this is still a very important part of the garden philosophy.

The Zoo is committed to animal care, creating exciting experiences that connect people with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for the preservation of the natural world.

Accessible to all and open 365 days a year, the Zoo promises an unforgettable experience for its visitors.

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Camel Park

Camel park is located at Mazotos village, Larnaca and offers to its visitors an opportunity to live an all-day beautiful experience. The place is also ideal for children that will love this experience.

The visitors of the park can have a look to the attractions in the park and see various animals such as camels, donkeys, ponies, horses, deers, goats, ostriches, kangaroos and more. You can also live there the experience of riding a camel.

A funny way to get camels closer is to feed them carobs. They like them a lot and they will take them straight out of your hands.

In the park you will find a games room, riding cars, trampoline, a small aquarium, mirror room and many other games.

Do not forget to visit the small museum that will take you back to time, to the traditional way of life in Cyprus.

It operates daily from 09.00 until 18.00.

Entrance fee: € 4 adults, € 3 children.

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Sparti Adventure Park

It is a wild extreme adventure park with ropes, which is literally nestled in the forest and is a must destination place for all adventure and adrenaline enthusiasts which is also great for kids.

Those who decide to visit the prototype for our island park can either be practiced with the 60 routes and with varying degrees of difficulty or have fun with the two extreme games of the venue which are “speed ​​Zip-line” and “Quick Jump feet first”. As for the Health and safety conditions you do not have to worry since the safety and protection system of the park is absolutely reliable.

For all activities the people at the park make an initial presentation of how to use the equipment . All participants have a climbing suit with rings and a helmet and are tied with a double magnetic safety system that makes it almost impossible to separate completely from the cable.

There is also ongoing supervision by suitably trained staff. For guests who do not want to practice or play, the park has a cafeteria with free Wi-fi.

The park is located in Pano Platres in front of the hospital. It is open all year round, including public holidays, from 10:00 am until 18:30 in the afternoon. It is only closed on Mondays.

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Limassol Zoo

After design and study, a completely modern reconstruction of the  Limassol Zoo was carried out, using materials such as stone, glass, rope and wood avoiding cold cement and metal structures. 

For the animals of the zoo there are satisfactory spaces that resemble their natural environment and people there offer to the animals special care, love, and proper nutrition. For the guests of the zoo there is a pleasant and attractive environment that makes them feel an immediacy with the animals.

Limassol zoo takes part  to a project namely the research, protection, reproduction and release into the nature of species at risk of extinction. With the creation of the modern educational center, it offers visitors, especially children and students, organized educational lectures, guided tours and updates for its animals, wildlife and fauna.

The visitors of this small modern Zoo will see remarkable and very attractive animals, birds and reptiles from all continents. For each species, pioneering signs have been prepared with the most interesting information about the animal.

For the recreation and relaxation of the visitors a unique and impressive cafeteria “Flamingo” has been built with a view to the sea, and the flamingo. The modern playground and the children’s zoo with mini goats and sheep will provide unforgettable moments for young visitors.

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Troodos Geopark – Troodos Botanical Garden

The Troodos Botanical Garden “AG. Leventis “is located within the Troodos National Forest Park, part of the Natura 2000 network, at an altitude of 1,400, by the main road of Karvounas – Troodos, within the limits of the Amiantos mine. It is a member of the International Botanical Garden Association (BGCI).

It is one of the three botanical gardens of the forest Department. The other two are in Athalassa and the Aphrodite Baths.  At the Troodos Botanical garden the visitors can learn about the flora of the Troodos area through various exhibits, and with the use of technology.

The Herbarium of the Center gives you the opportunity through the use of stereoscopes to study a wide variety of dried plant specimens. At the place there is a small shop with souvenirs and specialized books, while in the main exhibition areas there are electronic and printed information materials.

Additionally, there is a screening room where a special film about the flora of the Troodos mountain range is being shown.

Access to the Garden is free. The garden service prompts us to visit it during working days and hours (09.00-14.00), so the Visitors Center works for better service.

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Golden Donkey Farm

Golden Donkey farm is located at Skarinou and it is the largest donkey farm in Cyprus, producing donkey milk, chocolate, liqueurs and cosmetics. All the products have donkey milk as their basic ingredient.

At golden donkey farm you will be able to see the lovely donkeys, learn everything about their existence, ride donkeys, enjoy the wonderful nature of the area, buy donkey milk and organic olive oil from the farm and visit the museums that exist in the park with wax statues and traditional Cypriot works.

There is a restaurant at the park and on Sunday noon a buffet is served with prices of €12 for adults, and €6 for children. The price includes the entrance.

Golden Donkeys Farm (70000620) is located in Memila, Skarinou and is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm in the winter (November-March) and from 9 am to 7 pm in the summer (April-October).

Entrance fee: €4 adults, €2 children.

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CyHerbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth

The park which is located at Avgorou area consists of nine splendid botanical gardens, a forest in which the endemic trees and shrubs form the island of Cyprus and also the first and only labyrinth (2000 square meters) in Cyprus.

In addition to the relaxation and tranquility the space will provide to the visitors the opportunity to learn everything about herbs, choose and buy tea from a variety of teas, and drink botanical tea at the cafeteria.

The park operates in the summer from 1st May to 31st of  October Monday – Sunday, 9.00 – 19.00 and in the winter from 1 November to 30 April Monday – Sunday, 9.00 – 17.00.

Entrance fee: €5 for adults, €3 for children aged 5-12.

Admission is free of charge for children under 5 years of age. The ticket includes a herbal tea. All areas in the park are suitable for people with wheel chairs.

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Ayia Napa Sculpture Park 

The Sculpture Park is an important cultural work, which represents the new gem of the Municipality of Ayia Napa and is the first of its kind in the free area of ​​Famagusta.

At Ayia Napa sculpture park you will find yourself in a unique natural beauty overlooking the sea and you will see wonderful works of art by Cypriots and foreign artists.

It is located in the area near the Palaeontological Cave of Hippopotamus – at the junction of Kavo Greco and Krio Nero In a bushy area with wild rocks and panoramic views. Entrance at the park is free.

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Adventure Mountain Park 

Adventure mountain park in Kyperounta is a combination of natural beauty and a place that will boost your adrenaline with its various activities.

It will offer you various activities such as: paintball, climbing, archery, ice skating, trekking, laser tag, woodland paintball game etc.

In addition you can enjoy tasty food in the quality restaurant that is located there.

Adventure mountain park is open in the winter during November-March except Wednesday 09.00-19.30 and at summer April-October except Wednesday 10.00-22.30.

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Sayious Adventure Park

If you love the adventure on four wheels, this park in Asgata will make you excited . Many companies are visiting Sayious for an “alternative” day out of the office and enjoy the team building activities offered in the park.

Your adrenaline will be boosted to the roof and you will be able to test your strengths with hard enduro training (motorbikes), hard enduro training (motorbikes), moto trials tours, off-road buggy tours, off-road UTV tours, paintball, drift go-karting, archery, team building activities etc.

The park also has BBQ facilities, toilets, showers, locker rooms,  parking space, coffee shop and free WiFi.

Activities and prices vary and you can choose what you like.

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