Back to school with the right “tools”!


It’s time to go back to school, so parents and their children are looking for school supplies as well as school bags. Choosing the appropriate backpack is not an issue to be taken lightly, as it can badly affect a child’s body and posture.

When the weight of a backpack full of books is incorrectly positioned on the shoulders, the weight force can pull the child back. Counterbalancing, the child will bend forward in the hips or bend the back, causing an abnormal compression on the spine.

Tips on how to properly “wear” the school bag

Studies on the ergonomics of the schoolbag show that its misuse can alter spine mobility, limit normal movements and dramatically increase pain factors. If a bag exceeds 15% of the child’s body weight, it can adversely affect his body. The increased load makes the body and head lean forward. This asymmetrical posture, changes the child’s normal walking pattern and alters the center of his body gravity, thus disturbing his balance. Your child’s body is constantly evolving, trying to adapt to the new situation by making changes in his posture, such as an increase in his back flexion or a decrease in the physiological curve that should be present on the lumbar spine.

Elementary students tend to carry very heavy bags while high school students tend to carry them too low or on one shoulder.

How to choose the right size of school bag

-Choose a bag with wide shoulder straps and reinforced sponges on the back. Narrow straps increase the pressure on the child’s shoulders and can affect the proper blood flow to the upper extremities. It is advisable for the bag to have an extra strap on the waist and chest of the child, as it secures better on the body.

-Avoid big bags. Make sure the width of the bag does not exceed the width of your child’s chest.

-Observe your child sitting with his bag on his back. Its height should not exceed your child’s shoulders height.

-Ask your child to move their hands while wearing the school bag. Their hands should always move freely.

Signs that your child’s back is not the ideal one

-Bad posture when wearing it. Check if your child bend their front body too much when wearing the bag?

-Do they complain about back pain?

-Does he feel tingling or numbness in his hands when wearing it?

-Have red marks on their shoulders from the bag straps?

-Does they have trouble wearing it or having trouble getting it off their back?

-Did you notice any increase in his falls and injuries at school?

-Do you see any weakness in his hands?

Should you prefer a school bag with wheels?

The school bag with wheels itself has a heavier frame than a simple bag. The wheel bag is only useful when your child is able to use ramps or a lift at school. Otherwise, if your child is constantly forced to lift his bag to climb stairs, terraces or dirt paths, he will soon injure his spine and shoulders. Usually, children bend to the side to pull their bag because the handle is short and end up squeezing their body. The right way for a child to pull a wheel bag is with his body upright while looking forward.

So, when you make your research on school bags, remember how important it is to get the right one!

Happy New School Year ?