Fire close to Chernobyl unlikely to affect other countries, says professor Pashalidis


The forest fire that broke out one kilometer away from the defunct Chernobyl nuclear power plant does not seem able to affect other countries and is probably a local problem, says Ioannis Pashalidis, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus.
Speaking to CNA, Pashalidis notes that after the fire, radioactive elements that remain on the ground and in the plants will be easier to disperse in nearby areas through dust, or in this case through ashes.
For these elements to reach faraway areas, as was the case in 1986 after the explosion, ashes need to very high go up, in the upper layers of stratosphere, in order to be able to travel far.
“I think that this will be more of a local problem. It depends on the winds, carrying the ashes in the surrounding area” the professor said. He also said that theer should be n concern, as the rain will bring back the ashes to the ground.

Source: CNA