Diabetes and Healthy Eating: A Guide for Diabetics


By Anna Cortesi

Diabetes is affecting millions of people around the globe. There are two types of diabetes that are very common. Food in general or the daily diet plays an important role in the control of diabetes.

So.. what’s the real issue here? The problem mainly arises due to the pancreatic cells which fail to produce insulin. The blood glucose level rise and results in many abnormalities in the body. No panic. Food can really help.


Vegetables are considered to be the powerhouse of nutrients. These are low in the calories and high in the fiber content or simply the carbohydrates. Introducing a diet plan with plenty of vegetables means that you are adding a very small amount of simple sugars in your diet. Consequently the blood glucose level will tend to decrease at very exceptional rate.


Although these are high in sugar content, yet they are preferred due to zero fat content and high nutritious values. Fruits serve as a rich source of antioxidants and provide you with a lot of energy. These should be consumed in small quantities though and raw, fresh fruit should be preferred than fruit juices (more simple sugars, less fiber)


Pulses or legumes serve as a rich source of protein. Well, meat will give you fat plus protein but beans  and pulses serve as a rich source of protein and carbohydrates, no fat content. You can use legumes in salads as well, as they are highly recommended to diabetics.


Wheat flour with bran added, serves as a rich source of energy and fiber but It should be noted that diabetics should be very careful with cereals and always choose wholegrain rice, pasta, bread and crackers. The excess fiber in these wholegrain products will help balance blood sugar levels.

White Meat

NOTE: Fish and chicken. Low in fat and high in protein content. Contrary to red meat, white meat is easy to cook and digest. Diabetics can accompany white meat with grilled vegetables, cold salads and different soups and broths. Fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids so, go for it!

Low Fat Yoghurt

Yoghurt and a little bit of honey, yoghurt and some cinnamon, yoghurt and some dried fruits make a very beautiful snacking combination, but again, everything should be consumed in moderation.

Best of Health,