Foods to avoid while pregnant


By Anna Cortesi

Pregnancy can be daunting, especially when it comes to diet. In the past, there have been several misconceptions as to which foods are allowed during pregnancy and which are of limits. On the bright side, nowadays things have got a lot clearer and there are only few restrictions. But these restrictions can prove serious. We have gathered a list with these foods, for you to review and act accordingly.

However, besides staying off the restricted foods on the list, a pregnant woman should always aim at wholesome foods and healthy meals. Adequate hydration and a good night’s sleep complete a successful pregnancy, for sure!

  • Alcohol: This is a no-brainer, obviously! Pregnant women ought to stay away from alcohol. Even though there is still debate as to whether or not a single glass of wine per week is OK, you had better not take any risks.
  • Raw Fish: Sushi is delicious and many people have added Asian cuisine to their dietary habits. Still, raw fish can be dangerous to the fetus. Anything raw promotes listeria and other bacteria.
  • Coffee: Another point of debate, here! Some doctors urge pregnant women to give up on coffee altogether. Others agree that a cup of coffee is fine. Luckily, decaf is a smart choice and therefore you should stick to that during pregnancy.
  • Fish & Mercury: Fish is beneficial to your diet, as a whole. It offers you lean protein and omega-3 fat. Nevertheless, high-mercury fish may lead to problems with the fetus. Any metal may do that, actually. So no tuna, swordfish or mackerel.
  • Unpasteurized Food: Well, anything unpasteurized might be filled with bacteria. So beware of some cheese varieties that come from raw milk. They might taste better to your palate, but they are risky to have. The same goes for milk that has not been pasteurized, apparently. Even juice is not immune to bacteria, when it is raw and when fruits or veggies have not been properly washed.
  • Processed Meat: Last but not least, processed meat often come with carcinogenic elements. Keep away from cured meat, hot dogs and sausages. When possible, eat organic food.