Frequent Nutrition Questions


anna_cortesiBy Anna Cortesi

Since there are a lot of questions as to healthy diet and the ideal attempt to lose weight and keep healthy, we have gathered the answers to some of the most frequent healthy diet questions, straight from nutritionists. so behold all the questions that you have been wishing to ask about the perfect diet:

Will consuming carbs prevent me from losing weight?

No, no way. Your body needs carbs on a daily basis and your mind only functions properly with substantial carbs’ intake. However, there are many different types of carbs you need to take into account. You should emphasize on consuming carbs that are high in fiber and always in combination with protein. Recommended carbs you should aim at consuming when trying to lose weight include: all kinds of vegetables, starchy veggies and legumes, fruit such as strawberries and berries, whole grain cereal, quinoa, amaranth and brown rice.

Why I can’t lose weight?

The truth is that there is no one and only way to lose weight. Usually, most people have tried several different ways in order to lose weight, until finally you can find the one best suited to your needs. You can lose weight by burning calories and by burning additional calories than your body needs. Apart from this, there are additional factors that can contribute to your weight loss.

Is dinner the cause of increasing weight?

No. Most likely you will feel less energetic during night, and as a result your metabolism will be a little slow. This doesn’t mean that that you will instantly increase your body weight. Your body requires a certain amount of fuel on a daily basis. If you add too much fuel, you will increase your body weight. If you add very little, then you will manage to decrease your body weight. If you have urges for unhealthy snacks while watching TV after dinner, be careful not to overdo it.

Should I try homemade juices with fruits and vegetables?

If you like to drink fresh juices with fruits and vegetables, this is a great way for you to add some nutrients through your day. However, it is important to remember that one glass of fresh juice is very good for you but it cannot satisfy your hunger properly. In addition, because when you are making a juice you cannot add the fibers, it is crucial not to replace all of your vegetable portions with juices. A fresh juice should be used as an additional source of vitamins.

What should I do when I don’t have the time for something healthy?

It is crucial to always adjust your nutrition according to your specific lifestyle. You cannot change your whole life in order to create the ideal diet. So, you have to start with the very basic! Drink an adequate amount of water and plan your every meal so that your sleeping time would be at least one hour away. Then, you can concentrate on the specific things that you want to add to your diet. Even the slightest change and modifications can actually make you feel a lot better.