Helpline by «Hope For Children» CRC Policy Center for the children of Cyprus


“‘Hope For Children’ CRC Policy Center have achieved being one step closer to the children of Cyprus” the  Director-General of Hope For Children, Mr. Joseph Borghese, has stated, while announcing the establishment of the Helpline 1466. The Helpline 1466 is mainly addressed to children and families and aims to provide psychological, social and legal support, counselling and guidance for matters related to child protection.
This achievement was greeted by the President of the Parliament, Demetris Syllouris, who inaugurated on Monday the 1466 Hope For Children Helpline. He said the existence of this Helpline exclusively dedicated to children and families, is of great importance, especially during this difficult period. It’s really necessary that both children and families have all the means available to seek for help or guidance for the problems they may face.”
The Helpline operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, without any charge. The calls received by the helpline will be transferred to the specialized staff of the Organization, including psychologists, social workers and lawyers, depending on the needs of the persons calling. Hope For Children, aiming to apply multi-disciplinary and individualized approach, employs 95 full-time staff with various backgrounds, specialized on child protection matters. The helpline will provide support to children facing any type of abuse and neglect such as bullying, physical or sexual abuse, cyberbullying, grooming etc., and to parents seeking guidance on issues related to their children.
The operation of the Helpline 1466 is fully funded by Hope For Children, and this is why we call upon companies, entities and anyone interested to support the operation of the helpline, to contact the Organization by calling at 22103234.

Source: CNA