“Hidden Gems” of Cyprus worth exploring this year!

blue lagoon
This summer is all about Cyprus.

Newspaper I Simerini, made an extensive dedication to a beautiful summer destination, Paphos, revealing their hidden treasures.

Shipwrecks in Chloraka and Pegeia

On the way to the Sea Caves in Pegeia, starting from Paphos, the visitor will meet two shipwrecks. Dimitrios II and EDRO 3. The first ran aground on land in the sea of ​​Chloraka 20 years ago and is a reference point for locals and foreigners. The hollow frame, photographed thousands of times, creates unique images for the photography lovers, especially in the sunset.

A few kilometers down, you will see the EDRO 3 which is there since December 2011. A reference point and attraction for visitors from all over Cyprus since the first moment. There is no profile of someone in Cyprus who loves to travel and is crazy about photos that does not have a photo of EDRO 3, especially during sunset, with the background of a ship under the flag of Sierra Leone.


2017- constantinosyenis

The waterfall of Kritou Terra and the Limniospilios of Kallepia

it has been the end destination for many travellers who arrive in Kritou Terra to visit the unique spectacle of Nature for the two years. Of course, last year we also had a period where the area was closed after the Community Council decided to protect the area from excessive traffic which could be dangerous.

This year, a new masterpiece of Nature, the Limniospilios in Kallepia came to add another point of interest to the many Paphos has to demonstrate. It is a cave immersed in a small lake surrounded by wild vegetation and is an impressive image for lovers of exotic photo frames.


The gorge of Avakas

Timeless value and definitely a unique experience. An area near the beach of Toxeftra that is worth visiting, especially if you are a fan of adventure and hiking.

The sculpted rocks at the point we all have in mind, as the Avaka Gorge, will reward you with a beautiful photo reminiscent of a combination of Jordan Stone and Amazon, in miniature of course.


Baths of Adonis

A private space that one needs approval to enter but definitely once in a lifetime experience everyone must have. Two waterfalls, one about 20 meters and a smaller one well hidden in an exotic wild vegetation compose a landscape worth photographing and posting on your Social Media accounts.

adonis baths

The area of ​​Xamilis or as widely known … Blue Lagoon

The most famous beach in Cyprus for the turquoise color of its waters. Either by land or sea, if you visit the area of ​​Xamili as the locals call it, or Blue Lagoon as most people know it, you will only benefit from your visit. In the first case if you go by boat, you will enjoy all the magic of the area, from Latchi to the Amorosa Fountain. if you go by buggy again you will have the opportunity to visit the Tower of Regina, the Mountain of the Savior but also to see Akamas inland.


Semi-mountain getaways

Finally, if you want to move towards the semi-mountains, a route that you must definitely follow is to Agios Nikolaos to see the Tzielefos Bridge. In the Venetian building, especially during this summer, you will enjoy the fresh crystal-clear water that still flows towards the dam of Arminos and of course you will relax with the birdsong. The route is unique and suitable for groups with motorcycles, given that everyone will be careful.


On the opposite bank, i.e on the parallel side where the dry river is located, it is worth visiting the protected monastery of Panagia Sindi which stands haughtily and dominates the area between Pentalia and Kelokedara since the 16th century.