Horoscope July 2020


Horoscope July 2020

What are the stars foreseeing? 

What are the New Predictions and how they will affect your life?

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If you’ve got plans (virtual or otherwise) on July 4, the intense full moon and lunar eclipse in responsible Capricorn might dampen your celebration a bit. As much as you’d love to be living in the moment, your mind is on the future and all the accomplishments you have yet to achieve.

Wounded warrior Chiron goes retrograde while in your fiery sign on the eleventh, ushering in a time of deep awareness and self-contemplation. You aren’t one to sit alone and reflect on your feelings, but this energy guides you toward a higher consciousness that can lead to real healing if you let it.

A sun-Jupiter opposition on July 14 is an annual aspect that can lead to success and abundance if you take advantage of the right opportunities. Luck plays a large role in leading you to potentially beneficial prospects, but whether or not you use them once they’re presented to you is completely your decision.

The sun enters Leo, the sign it rules, on the twenty-second, brightening your world with passion, creativity, and drama. The coming weeks have a much more playful tone than that in the month the sun spent in sensitive Cancer, so enjoy the spontaneity that comes from this enthusiastic pairing.


A full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn brings a mellowness to your world on July 4. Despite the steady earth sign involvement, this lunation brings an uncertainty that makes it difficult to predict what might happen next. Stick with the basics in order to avoid making life-changing mistakes.

Chiron goes retrograde on the eleventh, bringing the potential for you to heal some very old wounds. Because Chiron is traveling in spontaneous Aries, you might try to move ahead before you get a green light, but doing so will only set you back several steps. Wait until all parties are ready to go before moving beyond the starting line.

July 15 brings a sun-Pluto opposition that can cause a crisis of self-esteem and self-doubt. If you’re feeling this way because of something you did, there’s still time to fix it. If you’re being blamed or shamed by someone else, what’s their true motivation? If they’re projecting their feelings onto you, it’s time to walk away.

The sun enters outgoing Leo on the twenty-second, so the next month will be filled with big ideas and dramatic scenes. You’re in the mood to be seen, and you might do some pretty out-of-character things to make sure you stay relevant. It’s easy to delete an embarrassing post on social media, but you can’t control who takes a screenshot of it while it’s still up.


The full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 can cast an unwelcome shadow on your mood. You want to be out having a good time, but the current world situation is holding you back. Maybe once you take care of your nagging responsibilities, you’ll be able to find a way to have some fun.

A Chiron retrograde period starts on the eleventh, bringing up the chance for deep inner reflection. Look for signs that you’re on the right path, and don’t cast aside coincidences as meaningless! When you’re offered an opportunity to make things better in the future than they were in the past, jump on it, Gemini. If you’ve ever felt victimized, this is your time to take back your power.

Quick-thinking Mercury goes direct while in Cancer on July 12, opening back up the lines of communication between you and someone you’ve recently lost touch with or argued with. The Crab offers an eager sense of intuitive energy that can help you find the necessary words to patch things up between the two of you.

There’s a confusing Mercury-Jupiter opposition on the thirtieth that could cause you to be overly optimistic about something that you heard or read, and it doesn’t help that the people around you might encourage you to overreact or embellish facts and details. Try not to believe the information you get from a third party until you verify it with the source.


A Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse arrive on July 4, just in time to kill your festive vibe. It’s not that you can’t still have a good time, but the energy now is more about getting serious about the future.

Deep-feeling Chiron goes retrograde on the eleventh, encouraging you to reflect on the things you have lost. This can be a painful time, but this transit is the very definition of “no pain, no gain.” If you’re willing and ready to do the work, there are better things to come on the horizon.

Communicative Mercury goes direct in your gentle sign on July 12, and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you feel things starting to get back to normal. Did someone hurt your feelings in the past few weeks, or did you say something to offend anyone? This is a good time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with regard to communication.

There’s a new moon in your sensitive sign on the twentieth, bringing up the desire to feel safe and protected. It’s time to evaluate what’s important to you and figure out how to let down your guard long enough so you can get it. If you’re having trust issues, it might be time to turn the spotlight on yourself.


The moon is full in responsible Capricorn on July 4, and the corresponding lunar eclipse is an indication not to schedule things too far in advance right now. This is a time when endings are inevitable, and there’s no telling where you’ll be a month from now. It’s best to accept the things you can’t change and hold steady despite your desire to move ahead.

There’s a lot of potential for healing during the Chiron retrograde period starting on the eleventh, especially if you’re willing to dig deep and unearth some painful memories. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to rehash some things that aren’t very pleasant, but coming out stronger is a price you’re willing to pay.

There’s a new moon in nurturing Cancer on July 20, putting you in the mood to make your loved ones feel safe and protected. Your strong urge to nurture and care for others makes you an excellent parent and/or friend.

The sun finally enters your dramatic sign on the twenty-second, and you’re so happy to let your true personality shine for the upcoming month. Your warmth and friendliness are two of your better qualities, and you make almost everyone you come into contact with feel loved and appreciated.


You have a somewhat reserved holiday on July 4 thanks to the full moon and lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Capricorn, but you still feel the intensity and pressure that come with looking toward the future. There might not be a lot you can do now to change things in the long term, but thinking about it puts you in a good position.

A Chiron retrograde cycle starts on the eleventh, bringing sudden awareness to an incident or feeling from the past that’s been keeping you from moving on in your life. Forgiving others is a part of this transit, but forgiving yourself might actually be more important.

A new moon in sensitive Cancer on July 20 gives you reason to show more compassion than usual, and your loved ones might be surprised at the extra TLC you give them during this nurturing transit. Letting your soft side show now is an indication you’re much more human than you let on most of the time.

When Mercury opposes lucky Jupiter on the thirtieth, you might be lulled into a false sense of security. Everything looks good from where you’re sitting, but everything isn’t always as it seems. You know that old saying “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”? Yup, that’s this energy.


There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on July 4 that make you want to run before you can walk. Take some time to rethink the past 30 days and plan for where you’d like to go in the future. This lunation is best for thinking ahead rather than acting spontaneously.

The intensity brought on by Chiron in retrograde on the eleventh is unavoidable, especially if you’ve been dealing with a past hurt of any kind. Inner reflection takes you to some very uncomfortable places, but it’s only through doing some tough inner work that you can come to the conclusions you’re seeking. Looking to other people for answers now results in disappointment.

A Cancer new moon on July 20 offers hope of better things to come, especially if you’re expecting news from or about your family. This is a very nurturing and fertile time, making it perfect for planning to expand your family (including adding a pet or baby).

The sun enters ego-driven Leo on the twenty-second, but your friendliness and outgoing attitude could leave you susceptible to embarrassment and ridicule. Even though you know there are consequences that come from being an open book, you can’t imagine being any other way now.


There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in conservative earth sign Capricorn on July 4, so you might not be in a very celebratory mood. When your mind is on the future, it’s hard to live in the moment. Relax, Scorpio. There isn’t a lot you can do now to change things.

Chiron in fire sign Aries goes retrograde on the eleventh, bringing a lot of unpleasantness to the surface. You aren’t exactly the best when it comes to dealing with confrontation, but haven’t you avoided this issue long enough? The sooner you get it out into the open and deal with it the better.

Communication expert Mercury is in intuitive Cancer when it comes out of its retrograde period on July 12, making it easier for you to figure out not only what went wrong these last few weeks but also how you can fix it. Apologies aren’t the easiest thing for you, but when you’re wrong, you admit it.

You might be thrown into the spotlight when the sun moves into dramatic fire sign Leo on the twenty-second, but now isn’t the time to retreat. Are you comfortable in front of all those people? Probably not. But is this a good time to show the world your hidden talents? Absolutely! You deserve all the applause you get.


When the full moon and lunar eclipse rise in ambitious Capricorn on July 4, you’re anxious to get going. The problem is that it’s a much better time to finish what you’ve already started than to move on to something new. Try to be patient a little while longer while you wait for the conclusion of an important life event.

There’s a new moon on the twentieth that gives you the green light on new projects and relationships, Sagittarius, and this is where that patience pays off. Family matters should be your top priority, with home improvement projects coming in a close second. Making your loved ones feel secure is the main thing on your mind.

The sun in kindred fire sign Leo on July 22 adds the excitement to your life that you’ve been looking for, so don’t hold back. Be spontaneous and outgoing and do the things you’ve been refraining from all month. A burst of creativity at the right moment can be life-altering.

Being overly confident and/or optimistic isn’t a good idea during the Mercury-Jupiter opposition on the thirtieth, because someone or something is just waiting in the wings to tear you down. Balance is the key to riding out this energy. When you use extreme thinking, the potential is high for being way off base.


You’re the responsible one during the full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign on July 4. While everyone else is getting a little crazy, you’re worried about the little details and all the things that can go wrong. When this lunation is over, there’s a valuable lesson in it for you somewhere.

An important Chiron retrograde cycle begins on the eleventh, giving you a chance to forgive yourself or someone else for the hurt you’ve been feeling for the past months (or maybe even years). Everyone makes mistakes—some more costly than others—but dwelling on the past only keeps you from having a happy future.

A sensitive Cancer new moon on July 20 brings thoughts of loved ones, and your nurturing side comes out in full force. What can you do to make sure the people you care about are taken care of in the future? This is a good time to solve conflicts with relatives that might prevent you from being one happy family in the future.

The sun enters exciting Leo on the twenty-second, bringing passion back into your life. If you haven’t been enjoying things because of an endless “what if” scenario playing in your head, it’s time to let the negativity go. Living in the moment is refreshing and leads to some incredibly fun moments.


Are you ready to celebrate some of your recent accomplishments? The full moon and lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on July 4 encourage you to think about what you’ve been able to complete lately. It also reminds you not to get too comfortable, because there’s plenty more for you to do in the next lunation cycle!

Wounded Chiron in passionate Aries goes retrograde on the eleventh, offering you the chance to heal yourself from within. If you’ve given too much of your power away to people who aren’t worthy in the past few months, it’s time to take that power back. You are your own best advocate.

The sun enters feisty Leo on July 22, turning around whatever negative energy you’ve been feeling lately. The next few weeks have a fun, friendly vibe that allows you to be yourself. Explore your creative side without paying a lot of attention to what the critics say. There’s always going to be haters, Aquarius. Don’t let them know you hear them at all right now.

The thirtieth brings a Mercury-Jupiter opposition that makes you question some of your recent decisions. This isn’t a good time to ignore details. Take everything into account when making important life choices now, especially if they’re final.


Will the full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 help you come to some important conclusions? They should. The practical energy of this earthy lunation grounds you and helps you make the decision you’ve been hesitant to make in the past few weeks.

A Chiron retrograde cycle in fiery Aries begins on the eleventh, which should finally help you stand up for yourself regarding an unresolved situation from your past. If you’ve always believed you were at fault, some serious soul searching will help you understand that you’re not the only one to blame. Let this healing energy wash over you and cleanse your soul.

Mercury goes direct while in fellow water sign Cancer on July 12, which should help clear up some misunderstandings that have been bothering you lately. If you lost touch with someone you really miss, reach out to them. Being the first to offer an olive branch isn’t a sign of weakness.

Mercury trines your home planet Neptune while it’s traveling through your sign on the thirtieth, stimulating your creativity and imagination. Your dreams and daydreams can be productive now if you focus on getting the answer to a question. Signs and symbols from your subconscious are everywhere.

Source: Astrology.com