Horoscope June 2020


Horoscope June 2020

What are the stars foreseeing? 

What are the New Predictions and how they will affect your life?

Your monthly Horoscope has always something new to reveal!


A friendly sun-Venus conjunction in outgoing Gemini on June 3 gives you the chance to add more important dates to your social calendar. New connections made now might only be temporary (due to Venus being retrograde), but they each serve a very specific and short-term beneficial purpose.

You’re tested during the sun-Mars square on the sixth, but it’s so satisfying to see the looks on your critics’ faces when you pass with flying colors. You might be down for a little while, but you always manage to spring back up eventually, and better than you were before, much to the disappointment of your haters.

A dreaded Mercury retrograde period starts on June 17, so be careful when doing DIY projects around the house. You have some excellent ideas about how to make changes without spending a lot of money, but cutting corners can lead to unforeseen complications.

Relationships get back on track and start moving forward again when Venus goes direct in easygoing Gemini on the twenty-fourth, but you might not be entirely out of the woods just yet. It’s easy to forgive but much harder to forget.

Powerful Mars enters your enthusiastic sign on June 27, so take full advantage of this forceful energy. When you grab the initiative, you show everyone that you aren’t afraid to take on new challenges.


Hold off on making any major life changes during the full moon lunar eclipse in impulsive Sagittarius on June 5. Your first instinct during this energetic lunation might be to go for it, but you know you’ll probably regret it in the morning.

Your judgment remains hazy during the sun-Neptune square on the eleventh, but this time your dreams can be instrumental in making better choices. If you’ve been having a recurring dream or remembering certain symbolism each time you wake up, explore any potential meanings.

An emotional solar eclipse in sensitive Cancer on June 20 causes you to pump the brakes on a new relationship that’s been developing recently, especially if you get a sense that this person isn’t who they’ve been portraying themselves to be. Your intuitive powers are strong and encouraging you to trust your instincts.

Your eyes are opened even wider when hazy Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, the dreamy sign it rules, on the twenty-second, exposing all of the dirty little things you’ve successfully swept under the rug lately. Just because you knew this day would come doesn’t make you any more prepared for it.


There’s a charismatic sun-Venus conjunction in your witty sign on June 3 that makes you stand out from everyone else. Because Venus is retrograde, however, issues from the past could resurface to spoil some of your fun. Be open and honest and try not to let what’s already happened ruin what’s still to come.

A powerful sun-Mars square on the sixth threatens to cast a negative shadow over most of your interactions, creating resentment, impatience, and anger over even the smallest of things. If you feel these emotions coming on, take a step back and reprioritize things, Gemini.

Mercury goes retrograde in domestic Cancer on June 17, which could sabotage plans you have to make home improvements or finish DIY projects around the house. Last-minute changes can be frustrating, but it’s better to go with the flow than stick with methods that clearly aren’t working.

Money-focused Venus goes direct in your quick-thinking sign on the twenty-fourth, which should help you make some very wise short-term investments. Ask lots of questions and gather as much information as possible before you let a great financial opportunity pass you by.


You’re all over the place emotionally during the full moon lunar eclipse in spontaneous Sagittarius on June 5, so there’s no reason to make any hasty decisions right now. It might not seem like it, Cancer, but you’ve got a lot more time than you realize to make the changes you want to make.

A confusing sun-Neptune square on the eleventh zaps your motivation and makes procrastination an attractive alternative to actually putting in any hard work. Is there a reason you’re so tired, or are you just trying to avoid the inevitable? That feeling of not being good enough is just an illusion.

The sun enters your creative sign on June 20, coinciding with the summer solstice and giving you reason to celebrate a new and joyful season. This is your time to showcase your special talents (of which you have many). Kick off the new season by doing something that displays one of your excellent abilities!

The powerful combination of Mars and Aries arrives on the twenty-seventh, ending your month with an “I can do anything I put my mind to” vibe. If there’s something that people have been telling you that you can’t do lately, this is the perfect time to get it done and enjoy that sweet “I told you so” moment.


Your ruler sun conjoins loving Venus in outgoing Gemini on June 3, allowing you to embrace new people and relationships early this month. Venus is retrograde, however, so a lot of your focus will be on the past. This is your chance to use the lessons you’ve learned to help propel you to a more successful future.

You’re impulsive during the full moon lunar eclipse in fire sign Sagittarius on the fifth, which could lead to some bad decisions. Are you thinking at all about the long term or just living in the moment? There’s a good time for spontaneity, Leo, but this isn’t it.

Plans fall through during the Mercury retrograde cycle in Cancer starting on June 17, especially concerning family. This isn’t an ideal time to plan a reunion, especially if a lot of relatives have to travel to attend.

Venus goes direct in Gemini on the twenty-fourth, putting a relationship that went sideways back on track. This is a good time for apologies if you were at fault, and it’s also a good time to forgive someone who hurt you. It’s hard to taste something sweet with the lingering taste of bitterness still in your mouth.


There’s a promising combination of warmth and charisma during the sun-Venus conjunction in airy Gemini on June 3 that can take you far beyond your wildest dreams. Making new connections is unexpected but welcome.

The super-competitive energy of the sun-Mars square on the sixth brings out the worst in some people, but it can inspire you to do great things with the right amount of determination. There are obstacles in your way, but you can power through them if you really want to.

Mercury heads into a retrograde cycle while in intuitive Cancer on June 17, so you should be able to feel your way out of any unfortunate situations you find yourself in. When things don’t go as planned, it’s nice to have your instincts to rely on.

Loving Venus goes direct in flexible Gemini on the twenty-fourth, so expect the wheels of love and finance to start turning again. Now that you’ve had time to think about these areas of your life, hopefully you have a good plan on how best to move ahead.

You experience an amazing energy boost as driven Mars enters fiery Aries on June 27, so don’t let it go to waste. Finish outstanding projects so you can move on to bigger and better things.


The full moon lunar eclipse in fiery Sagittarius on June 5 can have some pretty big yet unknown long-term effects on your life, Libra, so wait for the erratic energy to settle before making any major decisions. In times when you can’t really control what happens to you, it’s how you react that matters most.

A murky sun-Neptune square on the eleventh holds mysteries that you can’t quite solve, and the harder you try to see something, the fuzzier it becomes. It might be best to curl up in your softest PJs in a comfy chair with a good cup of coffee and wait for this frustrating time to pass.

A Cancer new moon on June 20 points you in a new creative direction, especially involving family. New developments regarding a parent, sibling, or child are exciting, and your imaginative input might be requested or required to improve things even further.

Loving Venus goes direct in intelligent Gemini on the twenty-fourth, putting your love life and financial world back in forward motion. If you’ve hit pause on either of these areas recently, it’s time to use Gemini’s logical energy to get some positive momentum going again.


The impulsive full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius appears on June 5, taking your carefully laid plans and scattering them to the wind. It all feels exciting and maybe even a little dangerous to not know what’s coming next, doesn’t it?!

A delusional sun-Neptune square on the eleventh doesn’t do much to clarify things for you. In fact, you’re more confused now than you were before. Luckily, Scorpio, your intuition comes into play and can guide you out of a jam if you’re confident enough to listen to it.

The emotional Cancer new moon on June 20 creates moodiness surrounding a new situation, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking the plunge anyway. There are creative solutions to every problem you encounter, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Your co-ruler Mars enters fiery Aries, the other sign it rules, on the twenty-seventh, bringing powerful energy to end the month. If you’ve been putting something off, this is the time to power through it and get the job done. Doing things entirely on your own terms leaves you with little regret.


You feel a full range of emotions during the full moon lunar eclipse in your own fiery sign on June 5. Your impulses might not lead you down the best path right now, so avoid doing anything or making major decisions that might have long-term consequences.

Mercury goes retrograde while in emotional Cancer on the seventeenth, causing you to be overly sensitive when the inevitable things go wrong during this cycle (like technology, communication, and travel). Luckily, you can use the Crab’s intuitive energy to feel your way out of trouble this time around.

Normally idealistic Neptune heads retrograde in Pisces, the sign it rules, on June 22, allowing you to see things how they really are and not just how you wish they could be. Yes, it might be shocking at first, but in the long run it’s so much better to face reality than to try to live in a dream world forever.

A lucky Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the thirtieth creates optimism and shows you that you can achieve a high level of success if you believe in yourself. Destiny is at play, and it wants to help you reach for the stars.


The sun-Venus conjunction in Gemini on June 3 opens up a channel for you to receive both love and money. Your warm, inviting nature is attractive to potential new friends and lovers, and you have a knack for inviting new opportunities into your life to accumulate wealth. This isn’t the time to be greedy, though. There’s enough to go around.

A full moon lunar eclipse in exciting Sagittarius on the fifth brings the gift of spontaneity, but trying to do too much too soon could backfire. Stepping too far outside your comfort zone during this lunation might be fun in the moment, but it brings long-term consequences that probably aren’t worth it.

Technological Mercury goes retrograde in domestic Cancer on June 17, so expect communication breakdowns with family members for the next couple weeks. Just because you sent a text to your spouse, mom, or child doesn’t mean they received it. Remember, you can’t count on the things you usually can during this backward cycle.

Venus leaves her retrograde cycle while in restless Gemini on the twenty-fourth, so while love and money issues get back to “normal,” you might still feel like something is missing. Avoid the urge to make sudden movements. Wait until things get totally back to normal before deciding anything for sure.


A sun-Mars square in easily confused Pisces on June 6 brings some very uncomfortable indecision. When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, there is no good option. Don’t waste your time or energy trying to solve a problem that has no solution.

Things aren’t much clearer during the sun-Neptune square on the eleventh, but at least you can rely on your intuition to guide you through the most difficult parts. The confusion and fear that come from having to navigate a pathway alone at night are alarming, but you’ll be so much stronger when you come out the other side unharmed.

You find yourself dealing with another difficult Mercury retrograde cycle, starting on June 17, but because Mercury is passing through intuitive Cancer now, you can solve retrograde-related problems by paying attention to your instincts.

Commanding Mars teams up with fiery Aries on the twenty-seventh, giving you a take-charge attitude to end the month. If you find yourself in a position of power, don’t be afraid to really stand up and take charge. This is the time to get noticed for all of your excellent leadership skills that usually get ignored.


The Gemini sun squares Mars in your sign on June 6, producing an aggressive, uber-competitive vibe that you aren’t comfortable with. Hanging out in the background and doing your thing usually works for you, but this introverted attitude makes you stand out in a bad way right now.

The sun squares Neptune in your sensitive sign on the eleventh, clouding your judgment and taking away the comfort you get from escaping into your daydreams. You rarely like having to face the music, but it’s so loud that there’s no getting away from it.

The new moon in kindred water sign Cancer on June 20 gives off some better vibes as you or someone in your immediate family experiences something positive for the first time. With this renewed hope for the future, your dreams look like they might become reality after all.

Neptune goes retrograde in your own dreamy sign on the twenty-second, showing you a glimpse of how life really is for the next several months. Deep down, you knew this day was coming, but you held on to the dream as long as you could. The good news is that this brave new world you’re facing isn’t as harsh as you feared it would be.

Source: Astrology.com