How can I identify a milk intolerance?


By Anna Cortesi

Several people suffer from intolerance, when it comes to milk and dairy. However, such issues should not be confused and misinterpreted as one. For example, being lactose intolerant is a lot different from having intolerance in milk protein.

The latter has become a trend over the past few years, since great attention has been brought to the symptoms experienced by such issues.

Below, you will find some of the most common symptoms to help you identify any milk intolerance and more specifically the intolerance to the protein found in milk and dairy. In this way, you will know which red flags should prompt you to look further and find the remedy to health discomfort you may be experiencing due to milk.

Most Common Symptoms of Milk Intolerance

There are various symptoms that ought to trigger your concern, intolerance-wise. Some of them are related to digestion and include diarrhea and bloating, nausea and cramps, as well as stomach pain. Others are directly linked to the neurological system and feature headaches and migraines.

Patients suffering from milk intolerance might also observe rashes and eczema, as much as heavy acne and even psoriasis. Swelling and pain in the joints, arthritis (rheumatoid type), fibromyalgia and of course psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety complete the list of symptoms to look out for. Apparently, these symptoms appear in groups and vary in terms of intensity.

Get Tested

Our gut health seems to be the main reason why these types of intolerance have increased over the past few years. Obviously, we need to take better care of our intestines and overall health. In order to identify the specific problem you are dealing with, you ought to do some tests. In this way, you will know if it is lactose intolerance or milk protein intolerance you suffer from.

The IgG food intolerance test is the most popular and credible option. So if you suspect some sort of food related issue, this is where you should start. According to the results, you will be able to adjust your diet in a way that you enjoy what you eat, without experiencing any drawbacks.