How to Learn to Love Yourself


anna_cortesiBy Anna Cortesi

There is a reason why some people cannot stand being alone. When you are alone, your mind starts working in other levels, deeper than usual. Most of the times this leads to some dark thoughts – things you want to do or things you wish you haven’t done. If you cannot be alone for too long, then the reason is probably why you haven’t learned how to truly love yourself.

This is why you beat yourself up with any given opportunity. This is why you are never content and satisfied with everything you do, the goals you achieve or the choices you make. This is a rather hurtful procedure that does not actually have any benefits for you. You have to learn how to love and respect yourself, in order to be able to make significant progress into your life.

Respect Yourself

Before you can even love yourself, you have to respect him. Stop focusing on all the bad traits of your personality, or the things you do not do so well. Guess what? There is no human being that is actually good at everything. Even the celebrities you so desperately admire, have their own problems to deal with.

Instead, try to appreciate all the things you are good at. You may find it difficult to do, but there is absolutely no chance that you are bad at everything! Make a list of the things you do well, if this helps you. Are you good at your job or are you a good mother or wife? Don’t forget any of the things people find interesting in your personality.

Believe in You

If you don’t start believing in you, then there are not a lot of things you can do about your personal development. Start with small steps every day in order to be able to meet your expectations in your work, or in your personal life.

Complete small milestones that will bring you a strong sense of content in your life. Start by determining what the things you wish to alter are and move towards this direction.

Improve Your Physical State

If you work out, automatically you will start feeling better with yourself. Even if you don’t love extreme sports or regular exercise, you can add some exercise within your everyday routine.

You can walk to the stores, or go out for a light tense walking. You can swim for half an hour in the sea or just complete your cleaning in your house. If you love dancing, put some music on..and start dancing!

Use the stairs instead of the elevator. This is a great way to increase your physical strength, while feeling strong and healthy. Do what you must, in order to avoid sitting around all day. Apart from deteriorating your physical state, this way of living does a number on your confidence and way of thinking things through as well.

Find your own ways to celebrate life and appreciate what each day brings to you. Walk towards self-improvement and you will see its amazing effects.