Lebanon: a unique cuisine of aromas, taste and interesting dishes!


Lebanese cuisine is widely famous for its great variety, freshness and taste! The abundance of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish and seafood as well as various meats are the main characteristics of the Lebanese food.

However, Lebanese sparingly consume animal fats while poultry and lamp are usually preferred. Garlic, chickpeas and parsley and olive oil are considered the “foundation” of Lebanese food as they are included in the food in copious amounts.

This particular cuisine has fans all around the world and is not a coincidence that Cypriots have a special love for Lebanese food. Fallafel may be the most famous dish, however, there are many remarkable dishes for Lebanese to brag about.

Some of the most famous dishes include:

  • Baba Ghanouj, char-grilled eggplant dip;
  • Shawarma, a sandwich with marinated meat skewered and cooked on large rods.
  • Hummus, a dip made of chickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, usually accompanied by pita bread.
  • Kafta, in which minced lamb is rolled into sausage shapes and cooked on the barbecue or in the oven.
  • Baklava, a well-known dessert made of layered filo pastry filled with nuts and steeped in date syrup or honey.
  • Meghli, a dessert served on special occasions, for example to celebrate a newborn baby
  • Ashta, creamy sweets filled with clotted cream and melting shortbread usually filled with nuts or date paste

Lebanese restaurants are found all over Cyprus and offer an original experience of the Lebanese cuisine and its true flavors and aromas!