Record high tourist arrivals in Cyprus this January, up by 4.5% annually


Tourist arrivals in Cyprus were up by 4.5% this January compared with January last year, marking a historic high record.

On the basis of the results of the Passengers Survey, released by the Cyprus Statistical Service, arrivals of tourists reached 85,622 in January 2020 compared to 81,970 in January 2019, recording an increase of 4.5%.

January 2020 had the highest volume of tourist arrivals ever recorded in Cyprus during the specific month, the Statistical Service says.
Tourist arrivals from Israel increased by 58% in January 2020 compared to January 2019 while an increase of 91.9% was also recorded for tourists from Ukraine.

On the other hand, tourist arrivals from the UK, Greece and Russia recorded a drop. Specifically, 4.7% less tourists from the UK visited Cyprus, 18.1% less tourists arrived from Greece and 4.6% less tourists came from Russia this January compared to January last year.  

The United Kingdom constituted the main source of tourism for Cyprus in January 2020, with a proportion of 26.1%.  Arrivals from Israel comprise16% of total arrivals, from Greece 10.7% and from Russia 8.8%.

When asked the purpose of their visit, 57.6% of tourists participating in the survey said they were visiting the island on holiday, 22.9% were here to visit friends and relatives and for 19.2% were arriving in Cyprus for business.

More Cypriot residents travelled abroad this January

On the basis of the results of the Passengers Survey, 134,507 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in January 2020 compared to 119,570 in the January 2019, recording an increase of 12.5%.

In January 2020 there was an increase of 10.2% in the trips of residents to Greece reaching 38,767 compared to 35,190 in January 2019 and an 8.1% increase to the United Kingdom  reaching 19,669 compared to 18,198 last year.

Source: CNA