Reflect Festival will unite those eager to shape the inevitable change


The major future casting event taking place in Limassol on October 8-9 2020 will address the new reality humanity found itself in.  

Reflect Festival will return with its third edition on October 8-9 2020, in both a physical and virtual format. The organizers plan to bring together more than 3000 people, while only a limited number of attendees will be able to join in-person to maintain safety.The scope of topics discussed on stage will adjust to the new reality, with a goal to connect those who want to be an active part of the transformation. Moreover, Reflect aims to help those seeking new projects and work opportunities. 

“We’ve always had huge plans for Reflect and its impact on Cyprus and beyond. We are excited to see that the world, including events, is opening up again. However, without a doubt, the way we live won’t be the same. That’s why we need Reflect even more than before,” explains the co-founder of the festival, Stylianos Lambrou. “We used to focus on celebrating the future. Of course, our outlook and scope of topics will forever remain positive and constructive, but the future is now a tremendous question mark. Reflect will turn into a place where we discover it, and connect doers eager to shape it,” he adds. 

Festival Reflect is a future-focused festival organized in Limassol for the 3rd time. As the largest event of its kind in the region, it will connect businesspeople, corporates, startups, academia, entrepreneurs, students, and tech & science enthusiasts, both local and international. 

Reflect will take place in the historical center of Limassol, and it will adhere to all safety and hygiene measures that may still be in place due to the Covid-19 outbreak. While the development in Cyprus is extremely positive, the organizers are determined to minimize even the smallest risks, and thus the majority of activities will take place outdoors. 

The 2-day program will paint a holistic picture of our severely disrupted future, be it technological advancements, next steps after the crisis, or the environment around us. The presenters will tackle topics such as future society, money & economy, and future of business.  Besides that, “human” topics will be presented as well – speakers will share their thoughts on happiness & self-development, future of relationships, and productivity. “All we want is to remind people that the only way is forward. This edition’s main mission is to connect those eager to be a part of the inevitable reset of the way we live and conduct business,” concludes the organization team. 

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