The “Summer Body” Mindset!


By Andreas Nearchou

The biggest trend of the last few years is the summer body!

Thousands of people start prepping for the summer starting in March.

A massive effort is being put out there to get lean enough for the beach.
A great thing having a goal and a focus but also a big risk.

During this article we will give you some safety tips some Do’s and Don’ts.

1: Eat right and don’t go to extreme measures to achieve quick and non-lasting results.

2: Don’t starve yourself and let this affect your entire quality of life. Eat something small every 3 hours, especially protein based without avoiding carbs and good fats.

3:  Train effectively and consistently in order to have proper results and an all-around feeling of well-being.

Do a proper warm up, then your weightlifting session, stretch and finish up with 30 mins of cardiovascular exercise.

4: Hydration is very important, so your body and mind can function properly. Make sure to always have a bottle of water around and take a sip slowly through the day.

5: Get enough rest for the body to recover and be able to train again the next day. If your body is telling you NO, you should listen and get more rest. One extra day off will actually benefit you than push yourself to the limits.

6: Limit your alcohol intake to the minimum in order to avoid hunger issues at night and also increase caloric intake.

If you do happen to drink a few, make sure you hydrate and increase your activity level to burn the extra calories off!

7: Don’t become antisocial so you can just look good daytime on the beach. Enjoy yourself above all and learn how your body and mind work when both used effectively!

8: Having a Fit and healthy body shouldn’t be a summer ready body; it should be an all year around habit!

9: Don’t go for the quick fix or quick results and at the end of the day hurt you more than keeping you healthy!

10: Make sure that training is the best part of your day. People don’t just come to the gym to exercise. There are many other reasons that the gym is utilized; stress relief, escape from work, escape from toxic people environment.

Keep Fit and Healthy!

Andreas Nearchou

B.A. M.Sc kinesiology

[email protected]

Instagram iamtheshaper