Trade normal in Limassol port, measures taken for coronavirus, operator says


All trade enabling activities at Limassol port are being carried out as normal, the port`s operator, DP World Limassol has said, outlining at the same time the measures taken against the coronavirus.

In a written statement CEO DP World Limassol, Nawaf Abdulla notes that “all trade enabling activities at the terminal are being carried out as normal.”
“We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and taking steps to ensure the continued safety of our community,” he says.
During this public health crisis, the collaboration between the Cyprus Government, business community and the public sector is absolutely essential and we are working closely with local stakeholders to achieve the best possible result, DP World Limassol`s CEO adds.
In order to protect our port community and those with whom they come in contact e.g. contractors, visitors and vessel crews etc., he continues, “we require that all entities based and operating at the terminal under DP World Limassol’s administration, comply fully with the issued guidelines from local authorities.”
He also informs that “all business travel has been cancelled, we are postponing all events, all meetings are held virtually where possible, we are providing remote-work solutions for those of our staff who can work at home and we continue to reinforce safe behaviour in every business and office environment, where we have implemented additional steps in line with local guidelines.”

“We are sourcing as many protective supplies as possible and we have protocols in place that activate closures, disinfection and appropriate quarantine procedures based on recommendations by the government and health agencies,” he notes.
“Currently, our main goal is to effectively protect our stakeholder community, while serving our customers in a safe manner and ensuring business operations continue to the benefit of the Cyprus economy,” he also notes.

Source: CNA