Weather in Cyprus


Summer everyday could easily be the best short description of Cyprus weather! Long dry summers (May till mid-October) and short mild winters (November – early March) are the main characteristics of the island’s weather, heavily affected by the Mediterranean Climate. These season periods are separated by a very short autumn and just as short spring.


During the summer season, there are high temperatures with clear skies. The sea breeze is a factor which makes the atmosphere more pleasant, especially at the areas near the sea. Some exceptions of raining showers are possible, mostly over the mountains.

Winter season in Cyprus is mild with rainy days and snowing mostly at Troodos Mountains.

Cyprus enjoys sunshine all over the year, even during the winter period.

During the hot months of July and August, the daily temperatures range between 30 ° C in the lowlands and 24 ° C in the Troodos Mountains.

During the hottest summer months the average temperatures range between 38° C and 27° C. During January, this is the coolest month of the season, daily temperature average range from 10° C to 3° C on the Troodos mountains area. The minimum average temperatures are 5° C and 0° C.

During the wintertime – and at night all year round – the humidity varies from moderate to slightly low (65% – 95%). During summer the humidity is very low as it reaches midday, ranging from 15% to 30% in the lowlands. Fog is rare and it usually makes its appearance early in the morning.

Air Humidity

The winds over the island have different directions and tensions, depending on the distance from the earth and the local temperatures.

Clothes and activities

Below you can find general information and suggestions on what to wear and what to do depending on each season.

April – May
The days are pleasantly warm during these months, but it may be slightly cold in the evenings. This is an excellent season for those who prefer to take a walk and enjoy nature, as the landscape is green and the flowers are in bloom.
The recommended clothing is:
– Medium weight and summer wear.
– Light knitwear or long-sleeved cotton for the evening.

June – July – August
The hottest months of summer, ideal for swimming and water sports / activities.
The recommended clothing is:
Very light summer clothes.

September – October
Hot days and cool nights are typical characteristics during these autumn months. Swimming, sunbathing, water sports and other summer activities are still available during this time.
The recommended clothing is:
– Lightweight clothing during the day.
– Medium weight clothing for the evenings in October.

This month has joyful warm days and sometimes cold nights. You can also still enjoy your outdoor meal, even sunbathing and swimming along with most outdoor sports. The weather is ideal for autumn trips.
The recommended clothing is:
– Medium weight apparel.
– Light knitwear.

December – January
These are the coolest months of Winter. It may occasionally rain, but the promise of a glowing sunshine is always there! Guests can also enjoy outdoor activities and daytrips.
The recommended clothing is:
Winter clothing, but heavy coats are usually not required.

The weather is unpredictable, with the possibility of hot days and sporadic rains. While temperatures are spring props, it can be quite cold in the evenings. The conditions are ideal for winter skiing in the Troodos Mountains.
The recommended clothing is:
Winter clothing.

Moderate weather during March, with plenty of sun and blooming nature at its best. You can enjoy outdoor activities, have picnics and arrange long walks in the countryside.
The recommended clothing is:
Medium-weight winter clothing.