10 days of Free Wine, Cypriot delicacies and lots of fun! Do you need more?


The Limassol wine festival is organized during the first 10 days of September from 7 to 11:30 every night.

During the 10-day celebration, visitors have the opportunity to taste some of the best Cypriot wines which are offered for free. The festivities include traditional dances and song performances by various dance groups and choirs from Cyprus and abroad. The celebration takes place in Limassol Public Gardens located on the east side of the city next to the sea. Tickets are sold in every one of the three entrances. Entering the Festival from the main entrance, to the south, one can see the giant figure of a Cypriot winemaker in traditional local costume. Vrakas has been the emblem of the Wine Festival since 1961.

On both sides of the main entrance, you will find kiosks belonging to the Limassol companies ETKO, KEO LOEL, SODAP etc. where guests have the opportunity to taste all kinds of wines for free. All wines are offered to guests in unlimited quantities for free. Every night, thousands of people come to the festival to enjoy the carefree and cheerful atmosphere with a glass (or more!) of wine, traditional delicacies at predetermined low prices, dance traditional dances and songs, as well as theatrical comedies and solo acts. One visit at the Limassol Wine Festival is an opportunity for everyone to experience the Greek tradition of Dionysian celebrations, where all Attica residents, bourgeois and peasants, sat at state-sponsored joint banquets and tasted the new wines, participated in group dances, songs, poetry and theatrical plays. During these celebrations a number of slaves were released, while those who remained slaves were allowed to live for a little while independently and have fun for a short time.

Just like then, the Wine Festival today is a great opportunity for unlimited free wine while visitors can have fun with the locals and tourists!

For more information visit Wine Festival page on Facebook and Limassol Municipality

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