Say Goodbye to Strict Diets


By Anna Cortesi

The problem of obesity and unnecessary pounds in humans is timeless and always timely.

Too many scientists, physicians and nutritionists have been called upon to analyze the factors that help us consume larger quantities of food than the body needs to function properly. To combat the problem, several diets have been developed, some effective and others less so.

In this direction, chemical diets such as those of Dr. Herman Tarnower, known as the Scarsdale Diet. According to this diet, you are fed 43% protein, 22.5% fat and 34.5% carbohydrates. Examples of this type of diet are many, as are other exhaustive ways of eating. According to deprivation diets, a number of foods are banned from the diet. However, in all these diets there is a major problem and it has to do with the fact that the human body needs all kinds of nutrients and vitamins that it can accept from foods. You just need them in certain quantities and not excessive or not at all.

The saying ‘Metron Ariston’ belonging to Cleoboulos (6th century BC) is perfectly applicable in this case, since man is required to find a balance between the foods he receives and the way he receives them on a daily basis. In this way, he will nourish his body and live well, minimizing the given health problems that he will face in the opposite case.

So, it is not enough to say to ourselves that sugar, bread, fried foods, etc. We have to study our bodybuilding and build a diet plan based on our daily activities and tasks. This program should not exhaust our body. Instead, it must give us all the nutrients we need, give us energy and health, and, in conjunction with the right amount of water, make us not dehydrate and think we are hungry while doing everything else.

A proper diet consists of at least 5 appetizers a day, which start from the time we get up to work and finish about 3 hours before falling asleep. This means that we have to put something in our mouths every 3 hours. If we do this systematically and correctly we will see that we can consume everything in small quantities without disturbing, straining or oppressing our bodies. In addition, in a short time we will feel other people having activated the burning mechanisms within us.

Of course, all this without exercise or walking will not have the perfect effect. Therefore, we need to understand the enormous importance of our body exercise and incorporate it into our daily program.

For these reasons, therefore, proper and systematic nutrition combined with anticipated water consumption and daily exercise is the real solution to the problem of obesity. In no case exhaustive or deprived diets are needed to achieve the desired result, only to follow the aforementioned!