Welcome New Year with Luck and Pomegranates!


Pomegranate is quite important for Greeks since ancient times. Luck, prosperity, fertility, renewal, regeneration are represented by pomegranates and is only natural to be associated with New Year’s traditions for good luck!

There are various traditions which include pomegranate and are considered as necessary good luck charms for a new year full of love, good luck and prosperity!

The Pomegranate on the Front Door

Greek families and their loved ones usually gather together on New Year’s Eve for a feast and quality time. During the holiday season, Greek families hang a pomegranate on the front door until New Year’s Eve when it will be used!

Re-entering the Home at Midnight

Just before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the families turn off the lights and get out of the house to start the countdown. One family member, usually a child, is chosen by the owner of the house to be the first to re-enter the house (First Footer) on their right foot and bring all the good luck in the house.

Smashing a Pomegranate

Just after the First Footer re-enters the house, another family member is chosen to take the fruit and with their right hand, smash the pomegranate against the door. When the fruit is scattered on the door, the more seeds on the front door, the more luck will be brought on the house.

So, this New Year’s make sure to have your pomegranates ready in order to welcome as much luck as possible!

Happy New Year!!!